Great gear, great ears

And obsessed with a 24/7 mentality. This is our passion, and it resonates in our work.


SCM creates original music for feature film, documentaries, corporate video; jingles and sonic branding. From an incredible package of high-end cinematic orchestral scoring libraries and synth-based tools, to an eclectic mix of live organic instrumentation and players, we cover the musical spectrum. Our work is fresh and captivating.

Voice-Over Narration

Voice-overs for radio and tv commercials, narration for corporate training and marketing products, e-learning and online courseware—SCM delivers a "network quality" sound. We are well versed in multilingual production, and can assist in providing talent should you need it. Also, we offer phone patch capabilities, and an audio bridge that can accommodate several people, allowing our clients to "sit in" on the recording session remotely.

Sound Design

Beyond the realm of simply using a stock sound effect, we here at SCM create and sculpt tonal textures specific to your needs.

Sound Samples